Artist Statement

Making artwork is the closest I’ve come to having my life make any sense at all. It’s both indulgent and essential. It’s about balancing freedom and discipline, gut and brain, in order to explore this temporary existence, to consider the sensuality of nature and my personal connection to it.

photo credit: Antonia Small

photo credit: Antonia Small



Ann Getsinger is known for her oil paintings and drawings.

Born on Oct. 22, 1956, Ann grew up in Watertown, Connecticut.

As the youngest of five in a creative household, her earliest memories are of making artwork. She spent time at the dairy farm next door, at a nearby horse farm, and in the surrounding woods and fields where connections to nature influenced her powerfully.

After studying at Paier School of Art in New Haven, CT, and the San Francisco Art Institute, she settled permanently in western Massachusetts where she studied with realist artist Sheldon Fink.
The Artist’s home and studio, since 1988, is in the rural Berkshire town of New Marlborough, Massachusetts.

She also works regularly in the mid-coast area of Maine.

Ann’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and hangs in hundreds of homes.

Her work can be seen at Frost Gully Gallery in Freeport, Maine, Camilla Richman Fine Arts, in Osterville, MA or at the occasional open studio in New Marlborough, Massachusetts.